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IGBE Professional learning programme September – November 2020

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IGBE Meets – Events to share and create ideas

IGBE Meets are opportunities for practitioners interested in addressing gender imbalances in participation, curricular preferences and learner pathways, to come together for local network building, idea sharing and collaborative problem solving. To book a place, see the Eventbrite links below.

All IGBE Meets start at 13.30 and finish at 15.40.

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The Improving Gender Balance and Equalities programme at Education Scotland works with schools and ELCs to address the underlying causes of persistent gender imbalances in participation and attainment at every stage for ages 3 – 18 years. This is a multi-faceted problem.
• This course aims specifically to address gender gaps in self-efficacy (belief about one’s ability to perform specific tasks) and participation across all curricular areas. It will use research and practitioner reflection to focus on inclusive learning and teaching.
• We would welcome anyone working with children and young people in ELCs, primary or secondary schools.
• The course is a blended learning course and will run from Jan – Dec 2020. The term ‘blended’ means it will be a mixture of online learning and collaboration with face-to-face components.
Course structure
• There will be an introductory half-day meeting in January.
• The course will then have 3 online modules, each with 2 cycles. 
> The content will use research evidence to stimulate practitioner reflection, and point to a variety of practical, tangible activities/actions, but not be directive or suggestive of one ‘right’ answer. 
> The stimulus will not normally occupy more than 10 – 15 minutes online.
• Participants will then try some activity/activities in their setting/classroom This activity should be developed by the participant for their context. We anticipate this activity should generally fit into normal teaching time wherever possible. I.e. should fit in with business as usual, rather than being an ‘extra’.
• During each cycle, participants will post reflections and plans. The IGBE officers will offer advice and feedback. • At the end of each cycle we will ask all participants to contribute to a collaborative, online, discussion to share learning.
• Finally, there will be a recall half-day meeting in December 2020 (venue & date TBC)
• Individuals who successfully complete the course, would be eligible to apply for GTCS professional recognition.
Module overview
• Introduction (face-to-face)
• Module 1 – Skills and self-selection
• Module 2 – Whole class interactions
• Module 3 – Individual feedback
• Summary (face-to-face)
Introduction day
Date: 22nd January 2020
Venue: Engine Shed, Stirling, Forthside Way, Stirling FK8 1QZ
Time: 12:30 –15:30

Please note this is a pilot. We will be interested in your feedback and comments throughout the course. Any questions, please contact